Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter magic in Blue

Tutorial by Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn
I do these tutorials for fun and not
for any profit. I use them also as a learning tool to
help others learn the fun and art of paint shop pro.
Everything I use I have collected don't claim to have
made anything other then the tag.
All settings will remain the same unless otherwise noted
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
Remember to save often in case your psp crashes.
I did this in PSP 9 but sure any one will work.
Scrapkit I used, is called GentleFreeze
and you can grab the kit HERE Its called
Be sure and visit her blog also
Plug ins
Eye candy 5 impact HERE
vdladrenaline snow flake HERE
Graphic of choice-I placed 3 in the supplies, not sure who they are buy.
Font of choice
Tube of choice
Preset for eye candy 5 glass
Mask of choice
I also made a frame that is in the supplies if you wish
to use it, or make your own.
All are in the supplies
Tube I used is by
Open new image 800 x 800

Image>view ruler

Preset shape close off your foreground color
Draw and eclipse out
I started at about 200 x 200 and went 600 x 600
Depends on how large you want your circle.
Color doesn't matter.

Layer>convert to raster layer

With magic wand click on the circle you just did.
Selection>modify>select, selection border
Flood fill with a color from your graphic.

Or a nice gold pattern.

Effects>eye candy impact 5>bevel

One you like or you can use the one I
made that I used. It's in the supplies.

Magic wand click in the center>and hit delete
Selection modify expand by 4

New raster layer>copy and paste into your image
a graphic of choice>layer arrange move down

Add>Frame 4 copy and paste as a new layer>Layer
arrange send to bottom. It can be colonized or leave it.

Add a drop shadow

Lets add some flowers
Make sure your on your top layer>in the layer pallet

I'm using>Blossom
Copy and paste as a new layer>Mirror>move over to the
left side of your frame.

Take selection tool set to free hand and draw around the
last flower on the side there
Selection>promote selection to layer>take that and move it over into the
empty space. Move it how you want it
Eraser tool and erase any thing that is hanging over into the picture.
You can take and draw around the one single flower and place it down
where you just put the others to fill it in.
If your happy with this, the close off the frame layer

and the graphic and merge all visible.

Back on the merged layer>add Winter Leaf>image rotate
90 degrees to the left>move under your merger layer.
With Deform tool turn more and arrange how you want it>
I duplicated and so I have one on each side.
With eraser tool erase anything you don't want showing.
Highlight the merged layer>copy and paste as a new layer
Holly Branch layers arrange and move down.
Resize by 75% duplicate>Mirror arrange how you wish

When happy how you have it, close off all layers except for
the merged and the last couple you put there, and merge all them
together, If you see any thing you missed when erasing be sure
and get rid of it now only over where the graphic is.
Add drop shadow

This is how mine look.
Layers>view all
Add > Candle 2 copy and paste as a new layer
resize by 50% move at the bottom of the flowers.
Add drop shadow
Add > Tree 1 copy and paste as a new layer
At this time I deiced I needed a bit more room to work
so I canvas sized 900 X 700
Move the tree over to the right side of the frame
place how you want it.
Add drop shadow
Add > Snowman 3 place him by the tree
Resize by 50% add drop shadow
Add>Snowflake 3
Resize by 40% and place it at the top of the tree
Colorize it if you wish
Add a drop shadow but change the blur to 0
This is where I am now

Add a tube of choice or any thing else you wish to at this time.

If you use the tube I did
Copy and paste on your image>mirror
resize>60% Move the candle layer so its up
on top of the lady tube.
Move her around until your happy at how she looks.
Turn her some if you wish with deform tool.

Make final adjustments if your not going to add
animation snow to the tag then merge all layers

If your going to add animation to the tag>close off all layers
except these. I rename them as I go it's easier to keep track of that way.
Merge all visible layers.

Un hide the bottom ones now.

Highlight the bottom layer flood fill with a color of choice.

Take crop tool and get rid of some of the extra around your tag.

Layers>New mask layer>New from image
Merge group layers

Add your watermark now.
For the animation snow.

click inside the top frame
Select>modify>expand by 4>highlight the graphic layer

Plug in


Copy merge
Paste into your animation as a new animation image.

Go back to your psp and undo twice
Ants should still be around your frame
Apply the snowflake plug in again
Except change the random speed to 545

Copy merge, back to animation>paste after current frame.

Go back to psp and undo twice>repeat snowflake except change the
speed to 1636>deselect>copy merge
Paste after current selection in your animation.

You now have 3 frame.
Go to the first one and click on the gray and go to edit select all.

View animation

I then added some flames to the candles
animation>resize by 40%

Select the first frame on the flames>edit select all
drag and drop them into the first frame of your work.

After you do the first one>undo where you drug your flame
from and it will reappear. Repeat until you have all candles with
flames in the first one only the others will go where they belong. In the other frames

I'm new to writing how to do animation like this so hope you all understand what
I'm saying.  
Go to animation>animation properties add a background color of your liking
I just added white.

Go to animation> frame properties change to 20 or to a setting you like.
After you have all in you can view your animation and make sure its to your liking.

Now your ready to save as a gif file.
Just do what it tells you when the windows open, just click on next until your done.
You can add a name to your tag in animation also if you wish.
Would love to see what you do with this.
Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and learned
something new.
Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.
Another I did
Used a different candle, mask and did the flowers
a bit different in here. Frame is a different color also.

Thank you Dreams


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