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Tutorial by Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn


I do these tutorials for fun and not
for any profit. I use them also as a learning tool to
help others learn the fun and art of paint shop pro.
Everything I use I have collected or bought and I
 don't claim to have made anything other then the tag.
All graphics I use the copy write stays with the
original artist.
Tube of choice one I used is the work of


Accents of choice.


Plug ins

Toadies~What are you? HERE

Filters unlimited~
Bkg Kaleidoscope>Kaleidoscope 3~HERE
Eyecandy 5 impact~glass~HERE
AAA Foto Frame~HERE
Graphics Plus~HERE
All settings will remain the same unless otherwise noted
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
Remember to save often in case your PSP crashes.
I did this in PSP 5 but sure any one will work.

Pick a color for the foreground>#b3d996

Pick a color for the background>#38751e
1. Open new image
800 X 550
2. Flood fill with Foreground color>
Add new raster layer.
3. Select all>copy and paste into selection your graphic of choice.
Adjust>Blur>Radial Blur

 4. Effects>Image effects~seamless Tiling

5. Layer new raster layer

Flood fill with FFFFFF

Layers>New mask layers>from image
Merge group

Effects>edge effects>enhance


6. Layer new raster layer

Custom selection tool
Flood fill selection with color of choice>Effects>Blinds

7. Image rotate
Effects>Plugin>Toadies>What are you?
Default settings.

Effects image offset>
Effects>edge effects>enhance

Layer duplicate>image mirror>and image flip.

Merge down

Add a drop shadow. I used my foreground color
This is what you should have.

Depending on the colors your using.
In layer pallet>highlight the second layer

from the bottom>lower opacity 50

Merge down

Make sure your on the bottom layer.

Custom selection tool

Promote selection to layers.

edit>copy>paste as a new image.

9. On this new image>effects>filters unlimited>

&Kaleidoscope 3

Hint>if you want to use a different setting

just keep clicking on Randomize until you get

one you like.

10. Select>All

Add border, 1 pixel #FFFFFF

Add border, 3 pixel foreground color

Add border, 1 pixel #FFFFFF

Add border, 12 pixel, background color


Effects, plug in AAA Foto Frame

11. Back on top layer of your original image>

Copy and paste as a new layer

No need to move.

Add drop shadow

Change color to black.

12. Copy and paste as a new layer tube of choice.

Resize and place it how you want it.

The one I used, I resized by 40 percent

Place how you want it.
 Add a drop shadow to your tube>

13. Go to the bottom layer>copy.

Paste as a new image>you will need this


Merge visible layers 

Resize by 90 percent>all layers unchecked.

Magic wand select around the blank area>add

New raster layer>paste into selection>the background

image, its still in your memory.


14. Duplicate layer and image flip>layer pallet>lower opacity

by 30 percent>Merge down

15. Effect

plug in eye candy impact>glass


settings in case mine don't work for you.

Remember to change the color to what you doing.

16. Add border 1 pixel #FFFFFF

Add border 3 pixel BG color

Add border 1 pixel #FFFFFF

Add border 3 pixel BG color

Add border 30 pixel #FFFFFF

Select last border, add new raster layer

and copy and paste into selection the

BG image we set aside.

Selection Deselect

Duplicate layer>image flip>deselect>
lower the opacity to 60 percent.

Effects>graphic plus cross shadow
You can mess with the settings to get the look you want.

17. Effect>plug in AAA Photo Frame
18. Copy and paste>deco1>colorize it

color to match your colors.

Move up on edge of first frame.

Merge visable

19. Copy and paste>tube of _K@rine_dreams_pretty_Lady_2674

Or one of choice.

Resize as needed>if using this tube resize by 77 percent.

Move over to the right of your work.

Add a drop shadow

20. Copy and paste Calguisdec19032012

Resize 70 percent

Effect>drop shadow.

Place how you like it.

Add border pixel 1 #FFFFFF

Add border 1 BG color bg

21. Resize by 800 pixels on the longest side.

22. Add water mark and your all done.

Would love to see what you do with this.
Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and learned
something new.
Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.

Another example by me
 Thank you Shorty for testing this for me.
Thank you Mary

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