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I'm a goddess

Tutorial by Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn
I do these tutorials for fun and not
for any profit. I use them also as a learning tool to
help others learn the fun and art of paint shop pro.
Everything I use I have collected don't claim to have
made anything other then the tag.
All settings will remain the same unless otherwise noted
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
Remember to save often in case your psp crashes
I did this in PSP 9 but sure any one will work.
The kit I used is called Vanilla Butter, and it is the wonderful work of
ACowgirlsCreations, and you can get it.
Be sure and stop by her blog and she what's going on there.
Plug ins
Eye candy 5 impact HERE
Filters unlimited HERE
Bkg_Kaleidoscope HERE
Install the plug ins if need be.
I used is by Babes designs its template 12
Have it in the supplies.
Font of choice>I used AL Dreamboat it's in the supplies also.
Tubes of choice
Tube I used is by © ISMAEL RAC / WWW.XERACX.COM
Please don't use unless you have a license
Right now they are having a great sale at his site HERE
It is called Summer Dress

All my supplies are
Open and duplicate the template
close the original.
Canvas size 800 X 600
Delete the top layer, I also deleted raster 2. and Raster 1
Highlight the background layer and select it with your
magic wand.
Select a paper from the kit>zAcc VB paper 2 copy
and paste as a new layer>selection>invert>delete
You can delete the background layer.
Effects>3D inner bevel

Add a drop shadow
I deleted the inner frame part>since I wanted to use
a paper in there.
In the layer pallet start with the left frame>selection
tool and select the inside of it. Selection modify expand by 2.
New raster layer
copy and paste into selection>paper of choice>
zAcc VB paper 1, move it below the white frame.
Do the same with the other 2 frames.
I mirrored the paper for the right hand side.
And cut a section from the paper and copied and pasted
it into the selection
Magic wand>highlight the left frame in your layer pallet
Make sure you have move the back ground part below the frame.
Copy and paste as a new layer the tube you want to use.
Resize if needed>selection invert and hit delete.
It will get rid of what you don't want.
On the right side I mirrored my tube, before I copied and pasted it
as a new layer. Then do the same with this one as you just did with
the left.
Layers>properties>lower to 65 percent.
What I have so far.
With magic wand select the left side frame>and copy and paste a paper
of choice>Or you can just flood fill with a color of choice.
zAcc VB paper 5 is what I used, I resided it by 55% then had to
go to layer promote to background layer>image rotate left by 10%, copy and
paste as a new layer.
Image>Plug in>eye candy 5 impact>bevel. I have included the preset
for settings I used in the supplies.
Import it to your eye candy 5 bevel.
On the right side of the frame, I mirrored the paper>
and copied and pasted as a new layer.
Moved it how I wanted it>selection invert delete
Add same bevel
Do the center one the same way now.
Once those are done if you happy with it
you can merge those layers all together if you wish.
Make sure you close off the bar layer>and the square bars
Open up the two layers you closed off>highlight the bars layer
and select with magic wand>copy and paste as a new layer
another paper of choice> zAcc VB paper 4
I did both the bars at the same time>move with mover tool until
you get how you want it>selection>invert>delete.
You can now give it the same bevel as the frames, or use the first one
that we gave the large's all up to you.
Now highlight in layer pallet the small square>with magic
wand click on every other one>top and bottom
Flood fill with color of choice>Deselect
Repeat with the remaining ones, what you did but
with a different flood fill color.

Give them a bevel>I used the 3D inner bevel effect
Copy and paste as a new layer tube of choice
and place it in the middle>the one I used resized it by
75%>mirrored her and then with eraser removed the part
of her arm that was over the other picture so it looks like
she is kind of under the right hand frame.

Now lets add some accents, if your happy with every thing
you can merge all layers.
Copy and paste as a new layer>Acc VB dried leaves>resize by
50%>image mirror>move over and down on the left hand frame.
Add drop shadow
Copy and paste as a new layer>Acc VB greens
Resize by 50% with deform tool turn and move over on top
of the leaves, take eraser tool and remove some of it on the bottom
Duplicate and mirror, turn with deform tool and place it where you like it.
Add a drop shadow to both sets of leaves.
Copy and paste as a new layer>Acc VB flower 2 Resize by 50 percent
I didn't like the part on the bottom so I removed it.
Turn with deform tool and arrange so the green leaves and that
are showing, I decided I wanted the brown leave a little bigger
so took deform tool and pulled it out more.
To get the green leaves like I did I used the mess deform tool
to pull them out and around.
If you don't know what I mean......see the nodes the little squares, you can
grab them and push and pull things to shape them like you want them, just
mess around and see what you can do. Any thing you don't like you can edit undo.
when done just click on one of the tools and the little squares will go away.
This is what mine look like. When you like what you did, close
off all the other layers and merge these together, then open up the
others again.
Open>Acc VB doodle>go around with the selection tool

the top small one, copy and paste as a new layer and place it on
the top left hand corner of the small bar, add drop shadow

Duplicate>mirror>and move over to the right hand corner.

Open>Acc VB greens copy and paste and move to the right side
resize by 60% turn it with deform tool>duplicate layer mirror and move it
over by the other,

Add drop shadow but change the blur to 8

Open>Acc VB flowers doodle>image resize by 55%>image rotate free
right 90% with deform tool set to free hand>turn and pull this around
until you like how it looks.
I took and erased some of the green leave that I didn't like showing.

Open>Acc VB hat copy and paste as a new layer
resize by 30% turn and place how you want it on top of the ladies head.

Add any thing else you wish to at this time.
Merge all layers when your happy with it.
Crop off some of the extra you don't want in your tag
Layer new raster layer

Flood fill with a color you want your mask to be #e3ce7c is what I used.

Layers>new mask layer>from image
Merge group
Duplicate layer>image mirror>image flip
with mover tool move the masks around so they show on both sides,
and some at the top and bottom.
Merge all layers>new raster layer>
Flood fill with a dark color from your tag>layers arrange move down.
Add a 2 pixel border color of choice
Resize by 90%
Layers>promote background layers
Add a new raster layer arrange send to bottom.
Flood fill with a color of choice.
Merge layers
Selection tool and click on the large border you have.
Effects>plug in filters unlimited>&
Nomads Rug default setting.
Effects>plug ins filters unlimited>buttons and frames
glass frame 2 with default settings.
Add a new raster layer>add words if you wish.
I added the one I used in the supplies.
Just resize it to what you like or if your colors are
different then the brush was in there also.
Add any thing else you want to at this time.
Add your water mark and resize to your liking.
your now ready to save your work of art.
Would love to see what you do with this.
Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and learned
something new.
Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.

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