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Tutorial by Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn


I do these tutorials for fun and not
for any profit. I use them also as a learning tool to
help others learn the fun and art of paint shop pro.
Everything I use I have collected or bought and I
 don't claim to have made anything other then the tag.
All graphics I use, the copy write stays with the
original artist.
All settings will remain the same unless otherwise noted
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP
Remember to save often in case your psp crashes.
I did this in PSP 9 but sure any one will work
Font I used is>Brock Script
eye candy 5 preset>import to your eye candy glass>glassnoratutorialjcuttlebear01
and glassnoratutorialjcuttlebear01 to your eye candy gradient glow.

I don't know who tubed the cat or who the artist is>if any one knows please
let me know so I can give them credit.
The kit I have used is called Nora and is buy Cadi's fun scraps.
it is FTU and you can find it HERE
Tube I used is the work of Very Many and is called Andrea, you can buy it HERE
Plug in
Eye candy 5 impact
Open a new image 700 X 700
With pre-shape tool draw a circle out as
large as you want your frame>color doesn't matter

Select with magic wand tool>selection>modify>
select selection border>
You can either flood fill with color of choice>or use a paper
from the kit>CFS_Nora - Paper 5 copy and paste into selection.

Effects>Eye candy 5 impact>glass
preset is in the supplies>import it into your eye candy 5 glass.
If it don't work for you here are the settings I used.

Select inside the frame>selection modify>expand 20
Layer>new raster layer>
Copy and paste into a paper of choice>CFS_Nora - Paper 7, or you can flood fill with
a color.
Adjust>Blur>Motion blur
Layer arrange move down.

Keep selected

Copy and paste as new layer>CFS_Nora - Raindrops 1
Resize 75 percent>move how you want them inside the frame>
Selection>invert>delete on your keyboard.
Activate the top layer
Copy and paste as new layer>CFS_Nora - Ornament 2
Resize>40 percent>deform tool>set to perspective move
and pull it around by the nodes,so it looks how you want it.
You will just have to play and see how you like it.
Once you get it how you want just hit M on your key board and the deform tool will close.
Duplicate>image>flip and turn it to match up with the other one.
Once you have it in place>merge down
add drop shadow
 copy and paste as new layer>CFS_Nora - FLower 16
Image resize>30 percent.
Add drop shadow
Move up to the top on the accent we just added.
you can take your deform tool and pull the accent out more if you want, so
the leaves and that show up better.
Take>CFS_Nora - Flowers1 and pick one of them you wish to use.
I went with the smaller on the left>selection tool and go around it>
copy and paste as new layer>eraser tool>get rid of the black
move it over by the first flower>
Take>CFS_Nora - FLower 18>copy N paste as new layer
resize 30 percent.
Move down toward the bottom of the last one. You can turn them
with the deform tool how you want them.
Once your happy merge the 3 flowers together>give them a drop shadow.
Merge down one more time if your happy with the way they all look.
Duplicate>mirror>move it so it sits a little higher then the other one.

I resized it by 90 percent and turned with deform tool.

Copy N paste as new layer>CFS_Nora - Hummingbird 1
Resize 30 percent>add drop shadow>place up on white flower>
duplicate>mirror place down on the dark green flower.

Copy N paste as new layer>CFS_Nora - Bow 6>resize 30 percent
add drop shadow>place at the top of your frame.
Add>CFS_Nora - Tag 3 resize>65 percent>arrange to
your liking. Move down below the flowers
Add the cat tube if you wish>resize by 55 percent>mirror>add drop shadow
Place on right side.

Add tube of choice and resize as needed.
Add drop shadow. Place over by the cat.

Add word art>of choice or the one I placed in supplies
Add>eye candy 5 impact>friendshipglow

I have placed the preset in the supplies>but if it
don't work here is what I used.
Add drop shadow>I changed the color to white.
Add any thing else you wish at this time>make final adjustments>

Merge all layers.

Image resize>85 percent>Adjust>sharpen

Now for the Mask
Add new layer>select all>copy and paste into selection
CFS_Nora - Paper 3 or one of choice

Layer>arrange>move down.

Layer>New mask layer>from image>
Merge group>

I added eye candy 5 glass effects to this.
The preset I used is in the supplies.
or if that doesn't work here are the settings.
Image>resize>95 percent>use deform tool to make any other
adjustments to the mask.

Merge all layers

Add water mark

Resize to your liking>image adjust sharpen.

Your now ready to save your work of art.

Would love to see what you do with this.
Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and learned
something new.
Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.
 Thank you fitnessgirl887
 Thank you Deloris
 Thank you

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