Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter friends

Tutorial by Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn

I do these tutorials for fun and not
for any profit. I use them also as a learning tool to
help others learn the fun and art of paint shop pro.
All things I use are collected, the only thing I claim
Is the tag I make with these as my work.

This tutorial is written with the idea you
have some knowledge of PSP.

This was done in PSP 9 but should work with any.

I'm using this darling scrap kit by
Randy's Sin it's a FTU kit It's called EasterBabe and you can find it HERE

My supplies HERE

Open new image
700 X 700

1) Open egg of choice, I'm using rs_egg11.png
image resize

2) Effects>plug in Mura filter copies
settings I used.

 3) With magic wand click on the inside of this frame
Selection>modify>expand by 10

4) New raster layer>copy and paste
paper> rs_pap13.jpg
or you can flood fill with color of choice.
Layers arrange move down.

5) Activate the frame layer
and add a drop shadow.

 Now we will add some accents.

I took the basket and made a flower arrangement. All tubes
are from the scrap kit.

You can make your own if you wish, but I did add the one
I did with supplies.

6) If your using mine.
Copy and paste basket as a new layer,
resize by 50 percent.
3D effects>drop shadow

 7) Add rs_duckypair.png and copy and paste as a new layer.
resize by 30 percent>image mirror. Arrange how you want them.

8) Add rs_duckie1.png and copy and paste as a new layer.
resize by 25 percent. Arrange how you want.

9) Layers merge down.

10) Effects>3D drop shadow
same as before.

11) Add a rabbit of choice, I'm using
rs_bunny3.png from the kit.
Copy and paste as a new layer>resize
by 60 percent.
Add same drop shadow.
Move him how you want him.

You can use your deform tool to pull things
how you want, I do that a lot

12) Add a lamb of choice>I used
rs_lamb3.png from the kit.
Copy and paste as a new layer>Resize by
35 percent>add a drop shadow

 13) Layers>arrange until it is below the frame.
You can rename your layers as you go.

14) Now you can any other accents
you wish resize and arrange how you
wish, it's all up to you.

15) I added a cross

16) Then, from the kit>rs_branch1.png
resize to around 20 percent.

17) I added some more eggs and resized
to about 20 percent. Then took deform tool and
turned and moved them how I wanted.
Add a nice drop shadow to them.

18) Add any wording you want.
Move and place where it looks the best.
I use a font called>Heart sweetheart
which is in the supplies.

19) Once you have every thing like you want
you can merge all layers.
Resize by 90 percent

20) Take a paper from the kit and copy and paste as
a new layer>rs_pap7.jpg one I use
then I colorize it with a color from one of the tubes.
So the mask would stand out better.

21) Layers>new mask layer>
 22) Merge group
Resize mask to 85 percent
Add a drop shadow

You can use a different color if you wish.

23) Merge all layers>resize to your liking
Crop any extra around the tag you don't want.

Add your watermark
and a name if you wish.

Your now ready to save your work of art.

Good job.

Would love to see what you do with this.

Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, as much
as I did writing it,
and learned something new.

Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.

Thank you GGmom9
for testing this out for me.

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