Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Western Delight

Tutorial by
Jcuttlebear01 aka JoAnn

I do these for fun and as a learning tool.
I don't sell or make a profit from any of the
supplies I have collected. Or from writhing these tutorials.
I don't claim to have done any of the graphics
and that, just the tags I make and share.

Some knowledge of psp is most helpful.
I used psp 9 any will work.

Scrap kit I used is the wonderful work
of Wicked Princess and Its called

Yee Haw Baby! Tagger *EXCLUSIVE* and its on sale right now.

Tube of choice
Font of choice
Graphic of choice

Remember to save often in case
your psp freezes up, so you don't have
to start all over.

Open template and duplicate>close original.
Delete Raster 1>also Frame 1 and 2,
And Frame background for 1 and 2.
I'm not using them in this tutorial.

Once you have done that, this is what
you should have in your layer pallet.

Image canvas size, we will resize when done.
But this will give you lots of room to add things.

Select bottom layer in your layer pallet>Magic wand
The reason for giving it a feather, is it gives you smooth edges.

Pick a paper from the kit>I used>WP_RAC_PP10
Copy and paste as a new layer>resize


The next few steps will be the same with all the template layers
unless I state other wise.

With mover tool move it over until it's like you want it.
It will not fill the whole space don't worry about that,
you will not see it. Selection>invert and delete.
Add drop shadow>to each of the paper layers.

Delete rectangle 1
Select Rectangle 2 and repeat above steps
but use a different paper

Select Rectangle 3 and repeat above steps
use a different paper

Select Rectangle 4 and repeat above steps.
use a different paper>WP_RAC_PP2
Select Bracket layer
Use a different paper
This is where I'm at so far.

Select the gray square
Change settings for magic wand to 0 feather and 0 tolerance.
Click inside the frame>you can delete the gray background layer
if you wish. I did>add a new raster layer>selection>modify>expand>
by 3>copy and paste into selection graphic of choice.

Select the square frame>selection>expand by 3.
I wanted the frame a little bit larger.
Copy and paste as a new layer paper of choice.
Resize as before and move how you want it.
Selection>invert and delete.
Keep Selected
Selection>invert and give you frame a nice inner bevel.

Deselect>give it the same drop shadow as before.
You are all done with the template now.

Lets add some accents.

Open and copy and paste as a new layer>
Resize by 60 percent
Don't worry about arranging right now on the cacti.

Open and copy and paste as a new layer>
Resize by 45 percent

Move the two close together>
I took and turned the one a bit.
When your happy with the way it looks
Make sure your on the right layer
and merge down.
I moved the one below the other.
Then image mirror.
Add drop shadow same as before.
Duplicate this twice.

On the original>layer arrange and send to bottom
With mover tool move how you want it.
On the next one image mirror> arrange and sent to bottom.
and move it over to the left side.
Resize by 80 percent and with deform tool turn it a bit.
It's up to you how you want it.
On the last copy of this layer
Resize by 70 percent leave on top.

With deform tool move and turn how you want it.

Close off your top cacti tube and merge all the other layers.
Reopen it.
Move the layers over so you have room on the left side to add this
next step.

Poster Layer
Open the wanted poster
Find the man tube you wish to use.
With selection tool draw around the inside of the frame
Add new raster layer>copy and past it into the selection.
Deselect>add drop shadow.
Change settings to

Merge layers
Add words you wish to on this.

Merge all layers
Resize by>50 percent>adjust sharpen.
Copy and paste as a new layer to your working image.
With deform tool turn and move it how you want it to look.
Copy and paste as a new layer
resize by 30 percent.
Add Drop shadow, and move where you like it.

Copy and paste as a new layer
Resize by 30 percent>add drop shadow
move to the center of you frame.
Copy and paste as a new layer
Resize by 30 percent make sure its your
top layer.
With mover tool, arrange where you want it.
Add drop shadow.
Add milk can>resize by 20 percent.
Add drop shadow, and move how you want it.
Add>WP_RAC_BARREL>resize by 40 percent
add drop shadow.
Move where you want it.

Add tube of choice>I added the lady tube
and resized her by 40 percent>moved how
I wanted her and gave a drop shadow.
Add any other tubes you wish to at this time.

When done and happy with everything merge
all layers.
Resize the graphic down to 600 width
the other will change on its own.
With crop tool remove part of the extra around the
tag you just made.
Leave enough room for the mask.

Selection>all>new raster layer>
either flood fill with a color from your tag, a light color for the
foreground, and add another layer and add a dark color for the
I used>#b18048 for the background color>and paper 1
for the bottom layer.
Layer>mask from layers>from image>

Merge group layer.
Add a drop shadow.
If your happy with it, merge all layers.
Add a 1 pixel border>color of choice.
Add a 10 pixel border a dark color.

Add your water mark and any thing else at this time.
Resize to your liking.

Would love to see what you do with this.

Thank you for giving my tutorial a try.
I do hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and learned
something new.
Have any questions or need help.
Just let me know, I'm always happy to help any way I can.

Thank you Mary

This one below is by me

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