Friday, May 15, 2009

Kaleidoscope Frame

Kaleidoscope Frame

Beginner Level
Psp 9
Graphic of choice
Gold fill
No plug-in needed
Download the supplies
Once you have done that open them up in psp

Find the graphic you wish you use.
I'm using this one for this tutorial.

Take and make a copy of the original and close it out
use alt and D on your keyboard.

1. Take and add a border size 3 use a color that's not in your graphic.

2. Get your magic wand and click on the border to
get the ants running around.
Go to you color pallet and find the gold color your going to use I used
It will be in the patterns.

Click on your flood fill tool and fill in the border.

Then go to selection invert, now to effects, 3D cutouts and use these settings

Now do it once more but this time change the Vertical, and Horizontal to -2
Then go to selection and none to kill the ants.

3. Add another border size 3 and pick a color from your graphic.
#a44068 color I used.

4. Add another border size 15 I used #a44068 again
You should now have it looking like this

5. Get your magic wand tool and click on the last border there, then go to
effects and Refection effects and Kaleidoscope,with these settings

Now if you used a different graphic you will need to play and adjust your settings to
your liking, cause they will look different then mine.

Then add a bevel use the setting below. Go to effects and inner bevel and use
these settings.

Then go to selection and none to kill the ants.
Add another border size 3 and flood fill it with the gold like before.
Then another border size 3 in the color you used before. #a44068
Then another size 3 border and fill with the gold.
Add another border size 30 in the color #a44068
Click on the border with the wand and go to effects then texture effects and blinds
and use these settings.

Inner bevel with the same settings as before.
No selection and none.
Add another border size 3 and fill with the gold.
Another border size 3 color #a44068
This is what you should have now.

Your now ready to add your watermark, and anything else you would like.

You are all done, hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.

Thank you for giving it a try.
Need help let me know.

Just let me know

Please put what you need help with

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